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SELECT Sport was founded in 1947 by Eigil Nielsen, goalkeeper of the Danish national football team. The name of the company was formed because of the exclusive leather that was specially selected for the production of balls.
Every single soccer, handball and futsal ball from SELECT is based on the revolution from 1962, where Eigil Nielsen invented a ball made of 32 panels. The overriding desire was to create the most reliable ball with the most predictable, straight flight and a bounce neither too high nor too low.

FIFA Quality Pro FIFA Quality International Match Standard Hand Stiched Ball National Federation of State High School Associations Approved

Size Chart

Select Balls
Ball Size Circumference Normal Weight
3 59.5 - 60.5 cm 320 - 340 g.
4 64.0 - 65.5 cm 340 - 350 g.
5 68.6 - 71.1 cm 396 - 453 g.
Youth Goalkeeper Gloves
Size Hand Length
3 13 cm
4 14 cm
5 14.5 cm
6 15.25 cm
7 16 cm
8 16.5 cm
Adult Goalkeeper Gloves
Size Hand Length
7 16 cm
8 17.5 cm
9 18 cm
10 18.5 cm
11 19 cm

Common to all SELECT balls is that the quality is high and the durability long. An optimally round soccer ball consists of 32 panels made up of 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons. The 32 panels are sewn together using 630 double stitches and 60 corner stitches and are closed off - especially for SELECT - with a doubleknot. The ball lasts longer this way.

Hidden behind the elegant exterior of the balls in our Pro and Club Series isa Zero-Wing bladder made of high performance natural latex. The concept has been developed to ensure that not only the ball but also the bladder is as round as possible. They solely use latex bladders in their pro-level and high performance soccer balls with built in balance point at the opposite side of the valve hole. This, together with the Zero-Wing concept, ensures a perfectly balanced ball with a very lively bounce.

To stabilize the ball and ensure it remains round, the 32 panels are lined with several layers of textile material. The lining helps to adjust the softness and to stabilize the panels to ensure the perfect shape of the ball.

The outer layer of the ball is made of synthetic leather in polyurethane (PU). The surface of this material can be either ”shiny”, ”grain” or “pattern”. The backside is made of either PU microfiber or normal PU fibers. Combined this gives a strong material with consistent softness.

High quality is essential for SELECT. For this reason, each ball undergoes a stringent test at their production facilities in Pakistan. Here, they are tested for roundness, circumference, bounce, weight, air retention, color printing and stitching. Their standards for quality are the highest in the industry and the balls are of course tested and approved according to FIFA and IMS standards.

SELECT provides at least a 1-year stitching and roundness guarantee for each soccer ball - and a 3-year guarantee for the top ball, BRILLANT SUPER.

Select Ball

A SELECT ball will last for a very long time if these instructions are followed: 1. Straighten the ball out as best as possible.

Select Ball

2. Shake the ball so that the bladder is hanging loosely and vertically beneath the valve hole.

Select Ball

3. Allow 1 - 2 drops of SELECT valve oil to drip into the valve hole. Remember to oil the ball regularly so that the valve doesn’t dry out.

Select Ball

4. Inflate the ball with a SELECT pump. It is important that the bladder is in the vertical position as shown here. Always remember to use the nipple.

Select Ball

5. Use a SELECT pressure gauge to check if the ball has the recommended pressure (see recommendation on the ball).

Select Ball

6. Clean the ball with a brush and tepid water. Dry the ball with a cloth. Place the ball in a ventilated room with a temperature of 59 - 68 degrees.